What Flowers Are Used in Funeral Arrangements?

Funeral sprays are one of the most popular types of arrangements and are something to consider as you pick out what will be displayed during the event.


Picking out the right flowers can help to set a beautiful stage for a funeral. Given the difficulty of this time and the emotional nature of the event itself, adding beautiful flowers will help to bring a bit of optimism to the occasion. Of course, picking out the right flowers can be tricky with so many great options available, so this post is going to highlight some of the leading choices for typical funeral arrangements.

Popular Funeral Flower Arrangements

When picking out funeral flowers, it’s important to remember that this is a family decision that can be made into virtually anything you desire. Yes, learning about common flowers for funeral events can be helpful, but in the end, it will be most meaningful if you pick something appropriate for the family and the individual being honored.

Funeral flowers are normally sent to the funeral or cremation and sympathy flowers are addressed to the home or office of the family of the deceased person. Usually the flowers at a funeral or memorial service are ordered by close family members or relatives. Funeral sprays are one of the most popular types of arrangements and are something to consider as you pick out what will be displayed during the event. A funeral spray is an arrangement that is typically displayed on an easel near the casket. In addition to sprays, casket sprays, crosses, wreaths, and other styles are also used frequently.

You can pick out any of these through Memoria, and arrange funeral flowers delivery for your convenience. By picking out where you’ll have the flowers delivered, you can avoid a time-consuming trip to the florist during what is already a busy time. You might want to have the flowers sent to a funeral home, a church, or even just your own home.

Flowers to Include

If you don’t know much about flowers, or if you have never picked out flowers for a funeral, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few commonly used possibilities below when picking out funeral flowers for a casket or anywhere else in the service. 

  • Lilies. If you want to be traditional with your selection, go with white lilies. This is the standard pick for a funeral, and for good reason – it’s a beautiful flower that is considered a representation of peace.

  • Roses. You can never go wrong with roses. Between their beauty and their aroma, roses are used for countless different types of flower arrangements, and funerals are certainly on that list.

  • Orchids. The orchid is another pretty flower that is not only used in white for funeral purposes but in pink, as well.

  • Carnations. When you would like to pick out a specific color to add to the arrangement, look to carnations – these are available in many different shades and are one of the more affordable flowers.

How to Find Funeral Flowers Near Me

We recommend going through your local flower shop as national providers are not always reliable, don’t ensure quality and often miss delivery deadlines. Getting started on this piece as soon as possible is a good idea to avoid any frustrations. Memoria works with local flower shops across the country who will create the most beautiful arrangements for your loved one’s funeral. 

Partner with Experienced Professionals

Jumping into the funeral planning world while you are busy with the more important matter of grieving your loved one can be difficult. Don’t do it alone – get in touch with Memoria to team up with our funeral advisors to get the guidance you need to easily create an event that is worthy of the individual being mourned. Thank you for visiting and we hope to hear from you soon.