Cremation has become increasingly popular in recent years – find out what it is, if it's accepted in your religion, where to scatter ashes and more.

What to do when someone dies at home?

Here is a checklist of what to do. If the death was unexpected, you should dial 911 and ask for an ambulance and police immediately. If your loved one was under hospice care, consult with them as well.

Step-by-step Guide to Arranging a Funeral Service

Learn how to plan a memorial service step-by-step with our comprehensive guide. From arranging organ donation to choosing a service officiant, selecting music, and creating funeral stationery, our guide covers everything you need to know. Ensure that your loved one's memorial service is a meaningful and memorable tribute by following our expert advice.

5 Reasons You Should Not Prepay Funeral Expenses

Paying for funeral expenses in advance is not always the more money-savvy way. Funeral Homes can go out of business, may not have relocation provisions, and more. Find out what your alternatives are.

Everything You Need to Know About Scattering Ashes

Scattering of ashes is usually arranged by the family of the deceased, separately from any cremation or funeral. It can take place at any time and be done almost anywhere - from your backyard or place in nature like the beach or hiking spot.