Grief is incredibly different for everyone and will impact your emotions in various ways – we've put some resources together to help you get through everything.

The Role of Death Doulas

A death doula is a trained nonmedical professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support for someone nearing death. They can be considered a mentor for the final chapter of life and are typically brought in by the dying individual’s family.

Coping With Grief and Death For the First Time

Grief isn’t an easy process to work through, no matter what age or how many times we’ve experienced it. But the first time, or the first memorable time, can often be the one of the most challenging points in our lives. Your emotions can be intense, or you might be feeling confused or that you’ll never feel whole again.

Reconnecting With Life After Loss

Losing a loved one is something everyone will experience at least once in their life, and it can be an incredibly challenging moment of our life. But what about after? At some point you feel like you’re just expected to continue going on with life, as if this person hasn’t just left a gaping hole that feels impossible to fill.